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For Finance and technology companies

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I do one thing and I do it well — I write content that converts.
Writing quality content is hard, that’s why it’s rare.
For those who get it right, content presents a huge opportunity to
connect with audiences and stand out as a market leader.

For finance firms

Helping you connect and build deeper relationships with the key people in your audience be they clients, prospects, investments, intermediaries or industry influencers. Build your profile, grow your reputation and drive referrals.

How I can help you grow

For technology companies

A cost-effective and sustainable way to connect with your audience, build awareness for your solution, generate leads, increase sign ups, retain customers and grow your business. Share your success stories and build trust in your brand.

How I can help you grow

“Dani is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is an utter professional who understands not just the financial side of business but also the creative side which means that we can target the best possible potential clients in a really different and exciting way.”

Marie Talbot

Business Development Manager at Shaw & Co

“An impressive and insightful piece of work that makes a lot more sense of the industry than any market report I’ve ever seen. Impressive.”

Neal Slateford

Founder at Lovehoney

“Dani is multi-skilled, proactive, self-motivated and intelligent which means she is held in high regard by all those that work with her. Dani is always cheerful and good fun to be around too.”

Tristan Hogg

Founder & Managing Director at Pieminister

“Dani did some work for us as part of company information we produced. Pukka is a challenging brand to work with. It requires great sensitivity and intuition to reflect the beauty, colour and spirit of the brand. Dani nailed all of this and produced some lovely work.”


Creative & Marketing Director at Pukka Herbs


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