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Create brand experiences that people remember

I create meaningful brands, digital experiences and campaigns that resonate

I am a Freelance Digital Creative Director based in Bristol, UK

I work with multi-disciplinary teams to produce innovative, effective and highly creative work in these areas: Brand Strategy, Design, Digital Experience, Digital Marketing, Copy & Content. My clients are creative and ambitious brands making a positive impact across the health & wellness, consumer goods, food & drink, SaaS and professional services sectors. Past clients include: Pukka Herbs, Pieminister, Trunki, Coco de Mer, Shaw & Co, Zenstores, Hiring-Hub, Dodoodem and The Humble Pocket.

Businesses come to me when...
  • They are struggling to win and/or retain customers
  • They want to grow, often in preparation for investment or an exit
  • They are launching a new product or service
  • They want to stay relevant
  • They want to parachute someone into their team to take the creative lead 
  • They want to explore innovative ways to use new technologies
  • They need fresh, original and fun ideas
  • They’re ready to level up
About me

Danielle Whitehead, Freelance Digital Creative Director

I’m an experienced and qualified Digital Creative Director. I have over 10 years experience and have been instrumental in the founding and development of several startups. I have a multi-disciplinary background covering marketing, design, brand and technology. I have built and launched my own SaaS product. I work with companies who want to stand out, and stand up for what they believe in, and who do things differently.

In particular, I love working with companies who make a positive impact, in sustainability and in society. I help them build and develop their businesses so they reach more people and grow. I bring energy, enthusiasm and ideas for growth to the table. I love exploring possibilities and working out how to deliver them. I work best with teams who are fun, intelligent, witty, ambitious and down-to-Earth. Together, I want us to do amazing things; to grow, learn, win and, most importantly, have fun.